1st Things 1st

As I sit here creating templates, trying different backgrounds and getting the colors together for this I keep glancing at the header for this page. Now anyone familiar with Twitter knows all about the *Jordan Shrug* or all the stupid variations everyone does; no need to name em but the OG shrug made me think of a few topics in basketball that are making me shrug and do a BBM confused face simultaneously:

1. The Miami Heat–> Just as I finish typing this they get their 9th win in 16 games, puzzling as to how these “Super Friends” are just about average (and 16 games is enough time to know that they’re not winning sh** but more haters by the day) and haven’t beat any team worth mentioning (the “other team in Florida”) isn’t much of a contender. Nothing stands out more than LeBron saying “44 minutes is too much” and C.Bosh’s “We Wanna Chill”. Seems ironic that they chose Miami huh??!! We here @ Swish Gen would also like to send our deepest regrets to Jerry Stackhouse, I’m sure there’s a spot for you on NBATV or ESPN if not we got a computer for you son…. But anyway doe!!

2.This was reserved for my New York Knicks but seeing as we are currently on a 5 game winning streak I must take time to address Rodney Stuckey’s misguided statement “On paper we are the best team in the league”. Now I don’t know what paper Stuckey was referring to or which league he was talking about because the last time Detroit was the best team in the league Stuckey was probably in high school and they looked like this… Corliss Williamson included.

This “best team on paper” team is 6-10 as of tonight being lead by none other than Rodney Stuckey, a “still blossoming” Tayshaun Prince, R.I.P. Hamilton’s mask, Ben Wallace’s defensive prowess and Tracy McGrady’s back/knees/elbow/whatever he hurt this morning. And this team resembles this…

O wait that was last year’s team… they look like

3. Gregory Oden–> Where do we even start, I think comparing him to Sam Bowie is actually a slap in Mr. Bowie’s face. Greg Oden is without a doubt the biggest bust (pause where needed) since…. EVER. Just to think if the Blazers (who I thought if healthy were the Lakers biggest comp in the West) would have chosen KD35 in the 07 draft over G.O.!!! Andre Miller and B Roy in the backcourt plus Kev Lamarcus and insert any center on the Blazers or Heat roster and you have without a doubt the team that could and probably would de-throne L.A. But Portland slipped up again, and while they’re still a decent team there is no doubt Greg Oden is public enemy #1 in the Rose City. And who knew you could suffer a season ending injury while sitting on the end of the bench (watch out Eddy Curry your time is coming).

4. The last thing I just don’t understand is Steph Curry’s Ankles (which I’m sure will be alluded to time and time again on this blog). Man you would think for a guy who will leave you leaning and then grill you with that childish grin would just NOT play defense a la Allen Iverson but nope Steph tries and fails miserably. Now Steph is one of the up and coming players in the league a lot of people’s R.O.Y. from a season ago but cmonson he makes Jacque Vaughn look like an amateur.

And to add insult to injury (literally) Easy Gordon broke my mans right ankle. Which one was worse?


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