"Play Your Position": NBA MCs

Hip-hop and basketball are synonymous, they’ve tended to mirror each other through the years. Sometimes these two worlds clash, and we get rappers who want to play pro ball(shouts to Master P & Lil Romeo) and on the other end of the spectrum we get ball players who want to rap. Sadly whenever one of our NBA superstars tries to mix their talents on the court with talents on the mic, the outcome is just……well you be the judge

As a Kobe fan, it pains me to do this….
Three Thoughts: 1.Wtf is on your head Kobe? 2. Tyra Banks forehead on the hook?? 3. I peeped you spit over Criminology at 0:35 “That was hot”

I heard this is Gilbert Arenas’ fiance favorite song

“These go hard”~50 Tyson

This single just went gold in Turkey

Just to offset the negativity, here’s one of my favorite tracks ever….no really deadass though
Random Fact: Shaq’s debut LP “Shaq Diesel” when platinum in 8 months….aspiring MCs, YA MAD?!


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