Who Got the Juice? Body Snatchers

Its been a minute since we’ve blessed you people with something, but we’re back. I just watched a Deron Williams highlight reel and it made me think that DWill might just have the nastiest crossover EVER! We know there’s some AI fans out there, and those of you who can’t get passed the Killer Crossover, but what about Jamal Crawford? Young Mamba? DWade? Steve Nash? We’ll provide the footage, you decide!

This was kinda ill, I think Jamal’s only used it twice the other time was on Deron Williams

Jacque Vaughn… You gotta be kidding me

The Answer

If we are gonna talk crossovers and Allen Iverson there’s no way we could exclude this one… Sorry Mike

The Dream Shake, murders The Admiral 3x in one possession…

Can’t sleep on Nash, he been getting busy for a minute now

Remember when Kobe was young? He used to abuse em with that right-to-left and even the left-to-right cross

Excuse the language…

One of my personal favorite kings of the cross… Baron, and if you haven’t seen his college highlights please do yourself that favor and watch em

Who got the Juice?
Let us know…

Special Shout Out to Jacque Vaughn for making crossovers possible


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