Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

As a way of celebrating one of the greatest Western leaders, we give you the 1967-1968 NBA MVP… Wilt Chamberlain. The last of Wilt’s 4 league MVP seasons, during that season Wilt averaged 24.3 ppg (3rd), lead the league with 23.8 rpg, and was 2nd in the league with 8.6 apg, behind only the great Big O, he also lead the NBA in field goal percentage. Wilt did all of this while leading his 76ers to a season’s best 60-22 record, but of course fell short in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Celtics 4-3. Yea he might have been bigger and stronger than everyone else in the NBA at the time but these numbers should still blow you away. Sadly, Wilt only managed Ben Wallace numbers at the free throw line this season, shooting a mere 38%.
Philly stand up!!


And to think, blocks weren’t even an official stat of the NBA in 1968… just a thought


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