Who Got Next? : Baltimore’s Aquille Carr

Recently the Baltimore/D.C. area has been a hotbed for superstar talent, producing the likes of Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Michael Beasely all within a 5 year span. We here at Swish Generation come to you with possibly the latest gem out of this breeding ground. 5’6 HS Sophomore PG Aquille Carr out of the 410. His stature is reminicent of another small guard out of his city by the name of Mugsy Bouges, but this kid’s pure scoring ability and athleticism has got to set him above the bar. Disrespectful is the only word I can think of to sum up his game. He’s already dropped 58 in one game this season(video down below), and in case you don’t think he’s playing any competition, he gave the Kansas Jayhawks star Freshman guard Josh Selby 39 pts and 15 assts as a 14 yr old freshman last year. At his size I personally have never seen anything like this, so without anymore further shit talking and amplifying, I introduce to you….Aquille Carr


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