Naaaaa Get These Sneakers The…….

As basketball-heads, the most important piece of gear that we can own is a pair of sneakers. Be it Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Fila, Reebok, Converse, DaDa, Li Ning’s, whatever your choice you ALWAYS go for style and comfort; most of us style THEN comfort.
In the past there have been some great ballers who just completely bypassed style, or maybe they thought… Nah  I doubt that. But anyway doe, here’s a collection of some of the worse sneakers to ever pace 94′ of hardwood (Pause)…

No Particular order here just a collection of 10 sneakers that will get you flamed as soon as you step onto a court with them on regardless of your skill level…

1. Cuz there was never a country for Kobe with his afro and its receding hairline, we present:
The Kobe 2 SMH, I know I said no particular order but these take the cake

2. DWade really won a ring so Converse would stop giving him these tanks disguised as sneakers:
Wade 4.0… Word?

But his first sneaks though….

3. Dwight and DRose probably the two front-runners for MVP, but the sneakers that they wear would never allow them the privilege of being picked up for a basic pick up at your local park
Dwight is a Center so I almost wanna give him a pass but I can’t cuz he consistently releases “that trash”:

DRose is also signed to Adidas smh I’m not the biggest DRose supporter but can this man get a better shoe?? They got son out here hooping with snakeskin and a fake ankle brace on his feet in 2k11. SN: I have noticed that he’s begun to wear Crazy 8s a lot more often now.

4. Nope not tryna hear any1 dispute this choice, I understand dudes lacked crossovers and had junior high athleticism back in the day but naaaa get these Converse Chuck Taylor’s all the way outta here yo. I recently reffed an intramural game where some scrub came through “Taylored out” what he didn’t know is that from the moment I saw him in warmups I had it set that he would pick up 5 fouls regardless of what he did.

I do respect Bob Cousy though

5. Gil shoulda chilled now look at him

6. Yo Michael Jordan gotta chill firstly

He got on a Carolina Blue button down and Navy jeans with Carolina Blue rips in them BUT in terms of sneakers, we know that some of the greatest hits have come from MIke but every pair of Jordan Fusions really must be burned on sight, Come on fam…

This really hurts my heart though:

7. Yo I can’t really remember if Dada was really hot in the hood back in the day but I know what was never hot…

Thank you Mayce Edward Christopher Webber, III.

8. Karl Malone, I just had to find a way to throw you on this list, you rocking Skechups was really the last straw b, but yo you wore sneakers that lit up?? Naaa this is why I never heard anybody ever aspire to be “the next Karl Malone” and you dropped 30,000+ points in your career…
Catapult what?? NO


9. Sheed you my dog til the death but naaa…

They really caught Sheed on the foul line more than most

10.Starbury, son I know what you were tryna do I really do but you gotta chill b

In all honesty the sneak wasn’t even worse than the tatt but still

I know some people who wore a couple of these here sneakers too.

What did we miss?



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