Guess Who’s Bizzack

Long hiatus, 2 months to be precise. But we just got our degrees from the University of Delaware so ain’t much you can tell us. Just a couple of things that I need to address based on these 2011 NBA Playoffs.

1. Derrick Rose wilted, don’t even know if roses wilt but we gotta formally get him outta here. Don’t know if he’ll win in Chi town w/ Miami looking indestructible, Knicks gonna just get better and better, Philly might even pass the Bulls in a year or two. That being said…

He must go. But they really lost cuz of that track that Twista did w Carlost Boozer, won’t even post that nonsense up here if you really wanna find it go dig in a dumpster.

2. “Yall n###!! like L.A. yall lost and jealous” thank you Freck Billz, cuz this dream has come to fruition. We can finally rejoice at Bean being home w his daughters and wife instead of on a court playing with broken fingers and toes and still dropping 25 night after night. In my heart of hearts I feel that Phil didn’t want Kobe to catch Scottie n Mike, at least not on his watch. Call me crazy but I think that is completely feasible. Thank you Phil. Thank you Shannon Brown. Thank you Khloe Kardashian. Thank you Jim Buss (for hiring Mike Brown). Thank you Trey Johnson. Thank you Steve Blake. Thank you Queensbridge backboards for never teaching Ron how to properly finish a breakaway layup. Thank you Based God.

3. ZBo really killed in the 2 rounds that he played in. Didn’t even know he could work a stove like that, but that man took off. Craftiest big I can think of in the league as of today. ZBo athleticism is dirt but he still will come thru with Moses Malone type stat lines smh.

4. Kevin Durant better than who? Naaaaa he gotta be escorted from the top 5 in the game immediately. No way on earth Bumpface Westbrook should be taking more shots than you. I can go down a list of regular dudes who woulda punched Russ in his face after the first he attempted more shots than Kev but I won’t. All I’m saying is that if Shawn Marion punching your game winning 3’s and Jason Kidd stripping you in OT, you got a long way to go. He also gotta exit stage left for those North Face bookbags he been tryna pull off.

5. Bron the best player I’ve ever seen. Hoop earring was wilding but if you 22 like me and you sit there and say you were watching ball in 93, 94 and understanding what you saw and you not in no ones league right now you are a liar. No way you can truly understand the game @ 4/5 years old. Bron still is only arguably top 30 ever, but in terms of what he does on the court, never seen it.

6. If it wasn’t for Bron being in these finals I would definitely be rooting for Dirk. What ever happen to Jason Kidd’s ex-wife. The one who used to be at all the Nets games with that big head child?

7. My Knicks gotta do something man, Amare fake quit on us, Carmelo don’t even wanna play defense. Chauncey getting old. Jared Jeffries, know what I’m not even mad @ him, I’m mad Melo ain’t force that shot on two defenders as opposed to passing to the open man. We could’ve traded Landry while he still had value too. Gotta keep Billz and Shawne Wills, need those type of fire starters in NY.

8. Jeff Teague looks like a legit problem in a couple of years.

But that’s all I got for now, just wanted to breathe some life back into this bloggery. ONE


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