Random NBA Finals Memories (early 90s-Present)

Finals about 3 hours away, and while sitting here listening to Curren$y Spitta I just thought of a couple of memorable Finals moments…

Man John Starks you really were the reason people started to rock the number 3, but this pic says it all, this is why you can’t win being a Knick fan

Man, Mike shoulda just let this one linger. There was no reason for him to go and hoop with Kwame Brown, Jahidi White and Popeye Jones smh.

“Mailman dunnit deliver on Sunday’s” Scott Pippen, man that might have been one of the biggest psych outs in sports history. Just threw Karl Malone all off @ the line in 97. None of yall probably remember this but I do.

Lakers can win as many championships as they want, but this is what I’m really gonna remember about yall 3peat, o and the next pic too…

I really thought I wasn’t gonna have to hear from the Lakers ever again

Not gonna post a pic of the Spurs, that was wack enough to watch on TV’s that we won’t put yall through that anguish in jpegs.

I don’t wanna look like a hater so here you Laker fans go, I mean after Mike yall still got the most rings since I’ve been on Earth so here

I really tried to find the smallest pic I could find though.

But yo Laker fans, you def remember this one right?

Light Pause

Just a few moments that I thought of, what else do yall remember?


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