It’s A Celebration B

Yo the way that Dallas beat the Heat in Miami was bad enough. But then they went to Club Liv, popped bottles and got wasted as Chris Bosh wept and Bron denounced the rest of us living off these here pay checks. How Birdman just join in on the bottles being popped when that tattoo on his head was courtside every single Heat home game? And why Mark Cuban let Weezy get his hands on the trophy like this?

Dirk really swagged the whole finals out b. If I could be anyone on earth right now it would be Dirk. 7ft tall, black wifey, from Germany, just won a chip, in Miami, best jumper on earth, Jesus hair smh. And his twitter bio is the realest thing I’ve seen this year: “Tall Baller from the G!”. Dirk just out here winning and there’s nothing Kobe, Kev, or Bron could do. Peep The Custodian too.

I saw this pic and thought this is what dreams are made of. Fresh out of college and all those struggle bottles we consumed weekly, I saw this and realized that Dirk really has reached the pinnacle of life.

My son The Matrix finally got that bling too. That’s what’s up cuz I always wanted to see Shawn get jiggy back in Phx but Steve Nash was too busy running plays for Raja Bell.

DeShawn Stevenson. This man really stole the show, he shot like 70% from 3 in the series, constantly shut down Bron and Dwyane. Kept throwing up his B’s for the whole world to see.

And then just this morning he did this… It might be over for Bron.

BUT we would be re-missed to not mention the JET. He really really got Bron outta there. Bron was getting crossed, he fell, eyed “hand down man down” smh Mark really helped in the demise of Bron, and Game 1 he really tried to throw it on Bron. We shoulda known from that moment the Mavs was about they business. Then clapping treys in Mike Bibby grill throwing up his C’s smh. Mavs was really too black for TV though. “I’m a real crip” lmao yo it don’t get more real than that. I think the Heat was done right then and there. How you lose to a grown man running around the court like a jet? Lmao yea get that whole Miami organization outta here.

But Shout out to JKidd, its really been a long journey for that man and if there was any player in the league who deserved 1 it was Jason.
Peja got a ring too, he put in those years in Sac Town w CWebb and Vlade. Gotta respect that.
Tyson Chandler really turned the squad around too.
JJ Barea the best thing outta Puerto Rico since JLo. (Idk if I gotta pause this but I will).
Mahimi or however u spell it really helped out in Game 6.
The Custodian came through stripping Bron, taking charges, and delivering Charles Oakley fouls, must respect that man.

All in all that was probably the best Finals that I ever witnessed, def woulda been more epic if it went to 7 though.
Peace and Love tho yall, and lets all get LeBron TFOH!!!



  1. Julian

    u really right tho, dirk mighta got gangsta by osmosis from terry and deshawn, and tey got the super jumper by osmosis the same way lol

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