You Probably Don’t Know Me

The season is officially over and the Draft isn’t here yet (Mock Draft soon reach). This is just a little list of 15 young but talented players who we should all keep an eye out for next season.

Point Guards

1st Team:
Mike Conley: I can’t lie, I didn’t think Mike Conley would ever be as good as he’s become and that probably stems from the amount of work that the NBA 2K creators allowed him to do on 2K8. He was too fast, plucked everything, and had the ratchet smh really used to get me tight. But he definitely showed up this year. Had himself a solid season with 13ppg 6 and a half dimes and just under 2 steals each night. His popularity grew in the playoffs as the Grizzlies made a nice run lead by ZBo but masterminded by Mike Con. A Damon Stoudamire minus the solid trey ball, with a little more athleticism might be what Mike Con is destined to be.

2nd Team:
Maybe this could’ve been a 1A, 1B thing with these two but Jrue Holiday is next up. I really think he was the best player on the Sixers this past season (14ppg 6.5dimes 4rebs 1.5stls) and he was only 21 this year. The sky is definitely the limit for Jrue. I actually got the chance to watch a couple Sixers games this year being in Delaware and the kid is impressive. Has a little bit of flash to his game but he knocks down 3’s with more consistency than a lot of point guards and is a dog on defense. He definitely seems like he’s gonna be a mainstay amongst the top 10 point guard discussion for years to come. Plays like a young Chauncey, skin like The Glove.

3rd Team:
Last but not least as I think he may (offensively) be better than the other two on this list, is Jeff Teague. Including Jeff on this list is coming at the expense of Toney Douglas so clearly I feel son has some game. He only put up 5 and 2 during the regular season but that was in limited minutes. He proved in the series against the Bulls that he may indeed be a starting pg in the league. He had some moments where you wondered if Derrick Rose even played defense smh. He possess the speed and quickness that you love in a point guard and the ability to get in between the defense and hit floaters or finish at the rim. Don’t know how much of a passer he is or defender which is why we ultimately had to rank him 3rd. We see him developing into Atlanta’s version of the great Terrell Brandon.

Shooting Guards
Gotta admit, these 3 choices were probably the toughest of the whole 15. Not because we had to weed some dudes out, but because the crop of twos in the league just isn’t all that impressive. Without furter adieu….

1st Team:
Demar DeRozan. Another dude I thought wasn’t gonna amount to much. DeROSEn really seems to have a high ceiling. I mean he doesn’t even do anything good as of right now other than flash athleticism yet he still averaged 17 per game this year. He did his thing in the home of Suflan aka Marvin’s Room aka House of Balloons aka fake Miami (Toronto); ever so quietly. He shot 47% from the field but only 9% on 3’s. He clearly has to be working this summer on becoming a better shooter and more rounded player. But a high flying scorer is always gonna have a spot in the NBA as well as All-Star games so he leads our list. Suspect comparison but at the high end we’ll go Vince Carter, low end we gonna go Ruben Patterson.

2nd Team:
Jordan Crawford. Now you see the dilemma right? I mean he did have a good season, and no one will ever forget him putting Bron on that poster while he was still in college but I mean he look like a regular nigga just chillin on the block smh…

well whatever. He did do some things on the court this year. His tenure in Atlanta was relatively quiet but he did turn it up when he went and played for the upstart Washington Wiz this year. In just under 30 games in the nation’s capital he put up 16 4 dimes and a steal. Those numbers are of course inflated given where he played but there is some talent there. On the bad side he only shot 38% from the field and 25% from deep. Clearly he’s another get to the basket and finish type of baller that must get in a gym and do his best Voshon Leonard impression this summer. On his best day he’s a Jamal Crawford on his worst day he reminds me of a fake Desmond Mason.

3rd Team:
Gotta admit we were completely lost as a group as to who to throw here. We knew if we put Landry Fields here we woulda lost some fans, Jodie Meeks coulda got love but the Sixers should never ever see that much shine as a franchise soooooo…………
Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson gets our 3rd team nod. You are either laughing or x’ing out of this blog right now fuck it though. Lance dead scored a total of 37 points and he made his way onto this top 15 player blog, chilling we are not. But it’s Lance and we know that if he gets some time on the court he’s gonna give you something. Plus he’s a Brooklyn boy so I had to throw him on here just cause. Naaaa I really just pulled up Lance stats and he played 12 games smh Larry Bird really gonna let the greatest high school baller from NY sit on the sideline and catch the top from a dirtbag joint from Brooklyn, and not pay for it, and then get put on blast smh at least let son get some dignity back in the form of a couple buckets. Man I feel like there’s a spot for Lance here in NY I really do. That said Lance days in the association are numbered and before you know it he’s gonna be another baller from Brooklyn who ain’t make it a la Lenny Cooke. *shrugs* fight me.

Small Forwards
The swing position, this was almost as tough as the two guards but we don’t have a Lance type to throw ya.

1st Team:
Gallo. I really feel like we shouldn’t have let money go; don’t know exactly how good/great he can be but you can see flashes of pure greatness in the kid. Heard whispers of him being as good as Dirk but that was mid-season before Dirk Nowitzki became what we know him as since Sunday. 15 and 4 rebounds for a 6’10” swing really ain’t all that promising but it should definitely be fun to watch him hoop. A solid but streaky shooter, improving defensively and trying to become a playmaker, he def has the makeup to be a star within a year or two. Reach: Dirk. Realistic: Detlef Schrempf. Swish Generation Pick: Cliff Robinson. The way he played in the Playoffs: Vlad Radmonovich.

2nd Team:
I personally had to throw Paul George on here cuz he be doing the wildest dunks 3 years in on my Pacers 2K franchise, and they let him get 2nd Team All-NBA over Durant. No way is he ever surpassing Kev (at least we don’t think so) but he is an interesting player to review at the least. Only started 17 games this season and only averaged 7 a night but you can see that with some fine tuning the Pacers have a legit star at hand. Offensively limited right now but defense seems to be where he can earn his stripes. Another great young athlete who doesn’t shoot particularly well from deep but has a nice form and I think that he will be a pretty good shooter in years to come. Comparison: 1988 Scottie Pippen/Nick Batum.

3rd Team:
We ain’t reach for the stars with this one but Sam Young. We really only throwing Sam up here cuz of the pump fake. Idc about the numbers he did and if Rudy Gay does return to Memphis we gonna have to see Sam GTFOH. We don’t even get curved by shorty’s anymore its simply the #SamYoung. Tryna compare him to Daryl Dawkins or something, never seen a player like him before, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. You tell me what Daryl did besides rock gold chains and I’ll tell you what Sam does besides pump fake.

Power Forwards
Honestly Taj Gibson shoulda made this list but he a strong 28 years old so naaa fam get out.

1st Team
Gonna hit yall with some off the wall duo here….
Tyler Hansbrough + Josh McRoberts. They really looking like the new Dale Davis, Antonio Davis combo in Indiana. In all honesty idk how much respect I have for this blog anymore after letting the name Josh McRoberts grace its template. Don’t even care that they don’t play defense but they did put up a combined 18 and 10 a game. Not even like that’s live cuz Kevin Love could do that with his eyes closed in the first half against the Knicks but hey for two white boys who weren’t supposed to make it in the league you gotta give em props. A lot of posters will be made in Indiana over the next couple of years, you can see it right?

2nd Team
Serge really 10x better than the Davis Brothers 2.0 but we see them as the great white hope playing in Indiana for Larry Bird so how can they not succeed? So Serge must take the backseat. Good defender, soild shooter for his size, and great shot blocker. He could use some work learning to score with his back to the basket and would definitely benefit from hitting the weights. 9, 7, and 2 punches was a pretty decent line for a fairly raw player in his 2nd yr. Serge really remind me of Kevin Willis for some reason, but he really is the second coming of Tyrone Hill except that he will pin shots off the glass. Tyrone Hill made an All-Star game…

3rd Team

Kris Humphries??? Yea that’s dead wack and we really only put him up here cuz he averaged 10 and 10 and will be walking down the isle with Kimmy Cakes. But yo peep the beginning of that last sentence lol. Who the fuck let Kris Humphries get 10 points? No way on earth he should have seen the ball go through the net 5 times a game, plus he dumb lightskin smh. Can’t even hate though he looking like he could be a solid piece in Brooklyn in a few years. Iight I’m done that last sentence really don’t even make no sense. Gonna go out on a limb and assume yall remember Tom Gugliatta…

This actually was the easiest trio to pick…

1st Team:
Boogie Cousins. Boogie really should ascend to the #2 center in the NBA this upcoming season. No reason to keep thinking Andrew Bynum is the future. 14, 8, and a punch is definitely noteworthy. Woulda got a little more shine if Blake wasn’t dunking on everybody who tested him. 20 and 10 should be a staple for Boogie in years to come. He also averaged 2.5 dimes proving that he might have a little Vlade in him. He only shot 43% though and I watched like 3 Kings games this year, he really be tryna shoot fadeaways and Jason Terry pull ups, Boogie. CHILL. Hakeem/Elden Campbell, don’t think he’ll be that great or that trash but he’s gonna give you flashes of both of them.

2nd Team:
Biggavels aka Javale McGee. Biggavels really one of the most exciting players in the league I kid you not. 10 points 8 rebs and 2 and a half punches is really live for him. Plus he just be throwing it on dudes like no one’s biz. He was second in the league in blocks this year and on the low he seems like the type to really try and take that crown next season. No clue as to how much more he can develop offensively as it doesn’t seem that he will ever be great there so he falls somewhere between Theo Ratliff and Alonzo Mourning.

3rd Team:

DeAndre Jordan. Thought this dude was washed from when I used to watch Texas A&M games and he religiously rode that bench. 7 and 7 as well as just under 2 blocks a game were his numbers. His game is very similar to Biggavels where they are great defenders and below avg on the other end. Seems like there is a real spot for guys built in the Tyson Chandler mold though. Most young centers lack offensive skill, I really think that all 3 of these guys should be All-Stars within 3 years. Its weird because this position is truly changing I think the closest thing to DeAndre from the past would be the aforementioned Tyson Chandler.


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