Double Rims and Crowd Amps …

You remember practicing that crossover all spring for moments like this. Once summer hit who gave a damn about buckets? It was really time to just put forth your best effort to embarrass you defender. NYC the mecca of streetball had us all forgetting that you actually had to score to win the game. The Rucker was where it was at, NBA players used to come thru and get sonned by NYC local legends

My son AO should’ve been on an NBA roster back in prime though. He patented throwing the rock off ya head and the infamous bring back fused with the hezi. Act like when you seen him bring it back on son and hit him the with the hezi you wasnt at the park the next day …

RIP to a streetball legend, 6’10 400 lbs with guard skills, Troy “Escalade” Jackson

Summer basketball was about SHOWMANSHIP, get to your local OUTDOOR court and get busy or get washed



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