2011 Mock Draft

….Watch what yall throw on this evening fellas…

Big Shout out to Swish Parker for the intel on this one. The rest of us watch the college game but no one knows more than this guy. Quick notes about this draft. For one the talent pool seems to be bare but in a season with one superstar and then that superstar winning it all I would have to say that this is warranted. After the lottery, we decided not to include any foreigners because if they’re not potential Dirk’s then who cares? Pretty much after the lottery we just chose players we like who actually have a shot @ going in the 1st.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
All signs indicate the Cavs will select Kyrie Irving. Rumor Mill has it that the Cavs have already put Baron Davis and Ramon Sessions on the trading block and seeing what kind of pieces they can get in return.
Best Case- Chris Paul
Worst Case- Mike Conley

2. Minnesota Timberwolves
As usual there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Minnesota Twolves organization. Will they bring back Kurt Rambis? Is Rubio finally coming over? Will they keep the #2 pick? Rumor Mill suggests that they are indeed shopping the #2 pick but would also be just fine drafting Derrick Williams of Arizona. Rumor suggests they would be interested in swapping the #2 pick for a player like Javele McGee. If they are unable to make that trade and draft Williams, expect Beasley and/or Anthony Randolph to soon be on the trade block.
Best Case-Josh Smith(with a jumper)
Worst Case- Marvin Williams

3. Utah Jazz
Should be taking either Kanter or Knight. Knight should be the pick with a weak Jazz backcourt. If the Jazz take Kanter, expect them to try and move Jefferson, Milsap or Okur. Pressure could be on Utah to take a big man with fans advocating for Jimmer to be selected at #12.
Best Case- Chauncey Billups
Worst Case- Toney Douglas

4. Cleveland Cavaliers
Enes Kanter
He’s without a doubt the most promising foreign player entering the 2011 Draft. Definitely has a bit of an edge to him that you don’t generally see in foreign players. Think he has a shot to be a breakout player being that he’s gonna get to play on a team that is going with a youth movement and has a potential superstar @ the point. Has the athleticism and shooting touch to shine @ the NBA level.
Best Case- Dirk Nowitzki (more athletic)
Worst Case- BJ Mullens (with a shot)

5. Toronto Raptors
Jonas Valanciunas

6. Washington Wizards
Jan Vesely
(note from Derek Swish)-Like my man Smits said earlier we here at Swish G have minimal respect for foreign players. But I am going out on a limb and personally vouching for this dude. Freakish athleticism, defensive minded, and a 3 point shot, and disrespectful. He might not be a star but I got a feeling he’s going to be a fan favorite around here.
Best Case-Andre Kirilenko(with a shot)
Worst Case-Chris Anderson(minus the cocaine)

7. Sacramento Kings
Kemba Walker
If Kemba goes to Sacramento the Kings are gonna have a mean following here on the east coast because I’m pretty sure everyone in the tri state is rooting for the kid. With him at the point, move Reke to the deuce, and Boogie in at the 5 the Kings will have a great shot @ cracking the 35-40 win window next season.
Best Case- Chris Paul (must improve passing)
Worst Case- Speedy Claxton

8. Detroit Pistons
Kawhi Leonard
A lot of good things have been said about the Human Avatar. Athletic, has a motor that doesn’t stop, great defender, and great rebounder. The question that I think most of us have is how will all of his skills translate to the NBA, he does have the build to be a factor immediately defensively but his offense is questionable. Detroit’s glory days seem to be completely in its rearview mirror as well with Tayshaun being a FA this summer and Rip seems soon to follow.
Best Case- Gerald Wallace
Worst Case- Marquis Daniels

9. Charlotte Bobcats
Tristan Thompson
Good chance that Hoop Earring tries to move this pick for a player or money. But with a depleted interior they will have to go big. Tristan isn’t the prototypical PF, in all actuality he seems to be more of a 3/4 fusion. Think he’ll be nothing more than a utility 3/4 in the NBA.
Best Case- Chris Bosh
Worst Case-

10. Milwaukee Bucks
Marcus Morris
Milwaukee took a step back last year, due in large part to the injuries to Andrew Bogut. If he’s healthy they should be a Playoff team in the East. With the 10th pick in ’09 they struck gold with B Jennings. Morris would add some toughness and improve their interior/high post offense.
Best Case- Udonis Haslem
Worst Case- Josh Powell

11. Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson
With Mark Jackson at the helm there are sure to be major changes. Monta is said to be out, with that the team will be in the hands of Steph Curry.Glaring weakness exists @ the sf position. Klay is a terrific shooter, but his athleticism and defense are questionable. Definitely needs to bulk up (couldn’t rep 185lbs once @ the combine).
Best Case- Kyle Korver
Worst Case- Jason Kapono lol

12. Utah Jazz
Chris Singleton

13. Phoenix Suns
Jimmer Fredette
Another fan favorite. With Steve Nash’s minutes dwindling and the intriguing trade possibilities that will be thrown the Suns way for Nash it would be a good idea to look for a new point guard (Aaron Brooks is there but probably not for long). Jimmer defense and athleticism has come under fire many a times but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and will probably learn the tricks of the trade soon. As a point guard he must improve his ball handling and passing.
Best Case-Stephen Curry/Bob Sura
Worst Case-Eddie House

14. Houston Rockets
Markieff Morris

Overall Draft Grade: B-
To me seems like there might only be 2 to 3 stars out of this draft class and that’s being generous. Derek Williams has the most upside potential.(don’t understand why the Cavs don’t take him 1st) The Jersey resident and basketball enthusiast that I am, even I don’t believe in all the hype they are putting in the NJ bred Kyrie Irving. Brandon Knight might eventually end of being the best pg from this class, however our man Kemba will end up being the best winner. Might not ever be an all star but I’m positive he can make a good team a great one.

Rookie of the Year Prediction…….

…as a member of the Lakers doe….hopefully


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