"Next To Spike If U Pan Left to Right"

Didn’t like the Iman move at first just cause I saw my son @illuganati tweeting at him about doing a track about 3 weeks ago smh. Quick little plug though check my guy out at http://www.reverbnation.com/platoonc. Iman really look like the type of dude to come to NY and try his hardest to get it poppin at every club and lounge in the city. Look…

But I digress, I saw some of his highlights and I can’t help but think he has a bright future. 6’5″, athletic, brolic point guard with straps. Definitely was a humble solid pick up for us. With this crop of athletic pg’s (DRose, Russ, John Wall, Kyrie, even Rondo) running rampant in the league we NEEDED this.

This morning I saw a quote that really made me respect the man… “I developed a pride not to let people score on me” Iman Shumpert

Marshon really got compared to Kobe Bean Bryant, according to Swish Van Exel and Derek Swisher smh. Scouts in the league have really lost respect for Kob in my opinion, I really thought it was the fro but nope they were talking bout his game. That being said he has been a problem since we went to a G’Town/Providence game in ’09 back when he was referred to as Young B Jennings. He also dropped 52 on Notre Dame last season so I can see where the hype stems from. All in all I think the Nets just landed a late 1st round gem. He should earn more and more minutes as the season goes along. I won’t be surprised if he becomes a household name throughout the city with the Nets moving to BK in a year.

After watching this video I actually see why they compared him to Bean, seem like he studied Kob the way Kob studied Hoop Earring.


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