Lockout SMH

We really sitting here talking about a lockout after the season that we just enjoyed smh. Not only is there a lockout in the NBA but to make it worse the clowns in the NFL locking out too. Everybody really gonna be inclined to cuff something good or bad. The DM ocean gonna really get flooded during this summer right before its time to settle back in again watch.

I don’t even know the specifics of this lockout but I don’t think it will last all season. No way can we go a whole year with the Heat, Knicks, Lakers speculation lingering. No way can we just sit at home in the winter and be satisfied with sitcoms and reality shows…

Yall that don’t believe in the lockout struggle, remember that the first game played during the 98/99 season wasn’t played until February.

Peep some of the struggle that we endured during that 4 month layover.

October ’98

I know there’s a bunch of ATCQ ‘stans’ out there that never even heard of this. Look at how much they had to offer with the graphics on this album. Niggas wasn’t hooping so Tip ain’t even care smh.
SN: It was released on September 29, 1998 but we gonna chalk that up to October.

November ’98

See what happens when they don’t lace em up…

December ’98

They had to get Bill up outta there (impeached on December 19, 1998) while the league was on vaca. President Clinton was just tryna live his life. In the height of the lockout this is what we suffered through. I pray that Barack ain’t have a fair skinned, box opening college intern working under him recently, only Based God knows what could have happened.

January ’99

Yup, right before Spalding got tossed up for the first time in months Hoop Earring came through and retired again. We saw this coming after the shot on Russell but still we didn’t wanna see it. Knick fans went into the season thinking it was our year again and just like the 1st time he retired we got to the Finals and then faded to black slightly thereafter.

We need this season. I for one could do without a season of random teams walking away with a SuperBowl ring, but no Larry O’Brien winner? No Metta World Peace, No Charles and Kenny, No LeBron fadeaway headband, No Kobe eyes closed fadeaway 3 pointers, No Fuckin Fun.




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