Post and Pivot: Greatest Centers of All Time

I personally think that the greatest Centers in NBA history is one of the most compelling argument in all of sports. There’s no clear #1, talk top 5 and there’s a debate and when you get to the top 10 you got a fight brewing. I did my research with this one (looking at other stupid blogs rank Bill Walton in the top 10). Clear that the 90s was far and away the best decade for centers. The pioneer for the center being the head of your defense was Mr. 11 Rings himself. Wilt is really who most people aspire to be. Does Robert Parish still Chief? Centers are ill because no one ever says that a center is their favorite player but they are the game changers, the guys who get you them rings.

10. Robert Parish:
See I could have went with Bill Walton here or Zo, or Bob Petit, maybe even Dikembe Howard but naaa lets give the Chief some love (pause). Firstly I’m putting him on the list off the strength that he used to burn the chocolate, or sticky, or skunk, or whatever they called it back in the day. Won 4 rings (3 Bos, 1 Chi), and played till he was 43 (Beaz gonna be around for a long time my friends). Though he was never dominant in the sense that he was probably the 2nd or 3rd option on his legendary Celtics teams he still managed 9 ASG’s and was 15-20ppg 10rebs and a punch for 10 consecutive seasons.

9. Patrick Ewing:
This might be a homer pick but like I said once you get to #10/9 range you start meddling with Bill Waltons and Alonzo Mournings, and even though both of them have more personal and team accolades than Pat, I don’t think anyone would argue that Pat was actually a better player than them. Say all you want about Pat never winning a chip but when your best teammate ever was John Starks/Allan Houston well you ain’t beating Hoop Earring or Hakeem either. 20 10 and 2 punches for a 17 year career is really fire. Pat never won that ring for us in NY but that 33 sways in our rafters like he did.

*Yo I don’t even know if this is George Mikan b.

8. George Mikan:
I really ain’t even wanna include son on this list but 5 rings in 7 years regardless of the era is ill. And if you never did the Mikan Drill you a faggot and you can’t beat me. Idk what else to say about him cuz he was balling b4 my grandmoms was born.

7. Moses Malone:
Moses was the first successful HS to NBA player that I can think of, all of the greats of our era have him to thank. After a couple years in the ABA Moses jumped ship and joined the NBA where he went on to win a ring and 3 MVPs, along with winning 6 rebounding titles.

6. David Robinson:

I almost don’t have anything positive to say about you David. But he did jux a ring from Pat in 99 and got another one in 03. 4x All NBA First Team center in an era alongside Hakeem, Shaq and Pat. “Niggaz is zzzzz’d on ya mans” that line fit perfectly for The Admiral, ranking him ahead of Moses was tough but when you think center you think anchor, especially defensively and that’s where he shined.

5. Bill Russell:
Yall not even fucking with me right now for this lol. I respect that. I’m not taking anything away from Bill’s 11 rings but that’s team glory, not individual performance. No center that shot 44% from the field is getting the nod over Shaq Diesel smh. Enough bashing, Bill was that dude back in the day, the real #6 (@KingJames) and he played in an era where us colored folks were still being oppressed so much respect to him. OG really averaged 15 and 24 one year though that’s crazy, Eddy Curry couldn’t get 24 rebounds in a week if he tried. And he is a great ambassador to the game so salute Bill.

4. Shaquille O’Neal:
You either loved Shaq or you hated him. Once he dispatched from the evil empire in LA I was a fan, especially when he got that ring in Miami. 3 straight rings in a down era for the league and especially centers (Todd McCullogh/Kenyon Martin) ain’t really too impressive, but when you think about how he constantly manhandled the Kings, destroyed the Blazers and their Hack-A-Shaq, and thugged Tim and David on his way to 3 rings you gotta pay him his due. Still find it weird that the most dominant player for about 6-8 yrs only won 1 MVP award and zero D.POY’s, but 3 Finals MVP’s and 15 ASG appearances can make up for that. Was sad to see The Diesel limping out there this past season, I’m glad he hung it up though. Kobe would have 2 rings if it weren’t for Shaq that’s why I almost threw him at #8.

3. Hakeem Olajuwon:
When you think of the centers of today, you do not think of this guy. That’s what makes Hakeem such a talent, go back and look at that video under the Dave Robinson section. The moves he had were fire, after Mike and now Kobe he probably had the best footwork ever. But he wasn’t all finesse as he’s the all time leader in blocks, but peep how he’s also 9th all time in steals. No center even comes close to Hakeem when you talk skill set, he’s totally unrivaled. Another testament to his greatness is that for those 2 years in Mike’s prime when he left the game Hakeem went and did a couple shakes and got himself 2 rings.

2. Wilt Chamberlain:
Not even gonna lie, I was tryna throw Wilt the number 1 just cause he caught bodies that I can’t even dream of and in the NBA that means something…

100 point game is crazy, once again idc about the era or who he played, 100 points is a hunnit points. Lead the league in rebs 11x, that’s really why we let Bill Russell slide on down this list. Lets not forget how he avg 50 and 25 one season smh, I feel like I coulda been a decent 2g back in the day b. How he avg 30 and 20 for his career though? Idk why I still got Kareem ranked ahead of Wilt, prolly cause he comes from Philly. Naaaa how Wilt avg 8 dimes one season, he just got tired of getting buckets I see. But in all reality the only reason you can’t rank him ahead of Kareem is the ring count 2 to 6. As dominant as he was he only won 2 rings.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:
All time leader in points, 6 rings, 6 MVP’s, 20 ASG’s, livest shot ever. Looking at his numbers and honestly assessing Lew Alcindor, if someone said to me that he was the greatest of all time I wouldn’t even be able to dispute that. I’m only 22 so I never saw Kareem in live action and I don’t eff with the Lakers franchise so when NBA TV played their classic games I turned the channel or something, but there’s no way that he can be denied of the number one spot.

This list is as accurate as you’ll see, leave a comment or something.


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