It’s Overrrrr: 2000 Slam Dunk Contest

As I sat in front of my HD TV and watched the 77 All-Star Game (that looked just like the 1977 ASG) where Dr. Julius Erving won MVP. It made me think about slam dunk contests and in my 22 year old opinion, the very best of them all: The 2000 Slam Dunk Contest.

This contest was the definition of FIRE. Look at the young star studded lineup minus that it cast: (Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis, Jerry Stackhouse, Larry Hughes, Ricky Davis).

The whole contest was that much better back then not only due to the star power but the sheer number of dunkers. I don’t know anyone over the age of 20 that really looks forward to dunk contests with power forwards and centers. After Nate won in ’07 or ’09 I don’t remember which year it was with like 10 missed yocks I couldn’t even mess with the contest.

Shout-out to Javale McGee moms tho…

Vince really freaked the whole contest, but Stevie Franchise put on a tough show, so did T-Mac.
*Note Antawn Jamison was in this showcase (but he was injured) Thank You Based God.

I think Vince’s first dunk might have been the best in Slam Dunk Contest history too. It was his first dunk, and that’s what made it so crazy. 360 windmill smh, peep how he got the crowd amped. You need that showmanship in the dunk contest. @ about 7:30.

Around 8 minutes Steve Francis shines.

T-Mac self-toss 360 pump. Around 7:20.

1:20 “It’s ovaaa” -Kenny Smith.

At :30, arm in the rim. Just look at everybody reaction to it. That’s when I knew I had just witnessed history.

Also note this was the era when the KG’s, Shaq’s and Junkyard Dog’s sat courtside for the dunk contests.

Man F*** Kia.


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