Dyckman: The Place You Shoula Been

The NYC metropolitan summers are second to none. From fashion (Foams and cargo shorts), to females, clubs/bars, parties, cookouts, block parties, I can go on and on about why “the city” is the only city that matters. But what defines NYC in the summer is its basketball. Go to any borough, go to any park and you’re gonna get some comp, a couple bruises, and some dudes screamin shit in your face like “and-1” “f*** outta here” or the infamous “he can’t hold me”.

For the past couple years Dyckman Park in the Heights has been the place to be. White tees, Dominican ladies and basketball. Aint too many combinations lurking that’s better than that. Last Wednesday night drew a lot of attention as Team Nike (the favorite) went up against Team Ooh Way (aka The Bronx All-Stars).

Team Nike is made up of players like “Too Hard to Guard”, Kenny Satterfield, Kee Kee Clark, Vern Goodridge, even Anthony Glover. The team is a little older but in the streetball tourneys that experience usually goes a long way.

Team Ooh Way is a little younger, a little hungrier and a little more flashy with names like Corey Fisher, Dwight Hardy, Jeremy Hazell, Brian Laing, Justin Burrell, and Corey “Homicide” Williams. With a theme song by Oun P himself, this was the crowd favorite and clearly the energy gods for the night.

Prelude to the game + Oun P’s track

Team Nike vs. Team Ooh Way (Highlights)

Just peep the atmosphere out there.

But the game definitely looked dope and was as anticipated a close one. Highlights definitely were Team Ooh Way heavy, with a lot of Corey Fisher early and Dwight Hardy finishing it off in the last minutes just as he did this yr for the Red Storm.



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