July really been a dead month. Heat waves, Lakers marathons on NBA TV, baseball highlights on SportsCenter, Captain America smh.

But nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is worse than turning to NBA TV, expecting to see a 90s classic, or even a classic Draft and seeing nothing but Shake Weight Commercials being interrupted by women in dreads and headbands shooting 3s and running offense like high school basketball players.

The WNBA on NBA TV struggle really just make it seem 10 degrees hotter than it is. I get lured in at least twice a week by “NBA GameTime” just to see 10 seconds of women’s highlights smh. S*** really be giving me a headache. I guess this is why you just should never be in the crib in the summer.

Remember when Teresa Weatherspoon and Tina “Hov” Thompson, Cheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie and Chamique Holdsclaw held it down? Can’t even lie the game was actually dope then. Some of the chicks are still iight in all honesty Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, and Candace but yo who even cares anymore. Yall had next and now we ready to see yall exit the paint ladies.

This was really the final f****** straw right here. This is where I put my Chocolate Frosting Wally’s down…

T-Mac really rolling over in his grave right now.

Idk who this chick is but how dare she disrespect the most sacred of all All Star Game moves. The self toss off the backboard smh. She really got 9 inches off of the ground and was still meters away from touching the net. Ladies yall gotta chill, s*** like this make me not wanna support any type of women’s basketball even though I know there’s some good players out there that would have never tried this in their dreams.

I remember being young and trying this. If you couldn’t clap the backboard you did not even attempt this move smh. How you self toss and then shoot a floater? Man let me chill.

Video got 290 views
One lonely comment: “LMAO…WNBA sucks”

Some female somewhere needs to apologize to The Mac…



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