Reasons This Lockout Gotta End…Vol 1

Aight America we got a issue on our hands b. We all know you can’t give dudes fresh out the slums millions of dollars and an abundance of free time without some shit popping off. Son, there’s over 300 irrational & super rich young men out there this summer with nothing to and hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on famous pastimes such as prostitutes, rap videos, & cocaine. This dude Ron Artest already displayed a small fraction of what they’re capable of with a legal name change to Metta World Peace…Lebron is out here taking out this past seasons frustrations on 10 year children in games of knockout…

The worst display of this I happened to stumble upon last night while peeping episodes of 90s nickelodeon and bumping my guy KC’s Otis freestyle is from non other than Delonte “Antonio Bandaras” West. Last summer he wowed audiences by riding on motorcycles while simultaneously holding the shottie pump by his side. And this summer with a little more time on his hands to perfect his craft he presents to us “The Lockout” mixtape, where he shares his thoughts on pimping and sipping lean.

“I’m counting dirty money, I’m Al Placino”

….Son said he’s “Al Placino” b, I’m out on that note. And always keep in mind the cardinal rule; just cause its over 90 degrees doesn’t make it ok to go raw diggz. One luv ya’ll

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