The Rap Game Like….. The NBA

In my mind I always gotta make some type of comparison, that’s just me idk. 4th and 5th to money, power and respect is basketball and music.

Not only do we compare NBA players past and present to each other but we also compare them to rappers, past and present.

Hov is the Mike Jordan or whatever whatever *Ghostface voice*. But what about some of our other favorite artists?

Man Tip was that dude in the south for like 2/3 years. Really had fair skin blacks winning again, got some great movie roles and stuck by his ride or die wifey. He was a model citizen. Only problem is he can’t stay outta jail. You would think after 6 or 7 solo albums he would just chill.

For a southern artist Tip had some great lyricism, wordplay and a flow to match it was tough to see him get thrown in the clink twice. He really lost his spot in that top 3 in the south.

So who do we compare Tip to? How do we even make such a comparison?

Shawn “Reign Man” Kemp

To be honest idk if Shawn ever spent time in prison, (100% sure he did jail time). But Shawn was a 6x All Star, one of the best big man dunkers ever and he also sported a fade (when it was more fashionable and accepted). Just like Tip, one day Shawn Kemp was there and then the next he was gone. What guns were to TI is what crack was to Shawn. I think Shawn staying drug free though cuz I recently saw him on Pros vs. Joes with Eddie Jones and Ron Harper. He back up to 260 too so I doubt crack is involved anymore.



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