The Rap Game Like….. The NBA (Pt. 2)

Naaaa man this comparison really gonna hurt my soul b. Like if you know me you know Nasir Jones is revered in my iTunes library. Never really allow Nas slander on my timeline. I’ve even humbly uttered that he’s the greatest to ever do it and I am from Brooklyn. Illmatic, It Was Written, Stillmatic, The Untitled Joint smh Nas really fire yo.

Only problem with Nas, which I totally understand is what does he offer after the supreme lyricism is over? He’s not much of a hit maker, really just a dope poet. He’s also not in his prime anymore though he still delivers some decent 16’s from time to time. He has to be the most under appreciated rapper ever. Guess that’s due to the beef with Hov though.

Exactly who do we compare the great Nasir to?….
Nas lyrics, intelligence, love for his team, attention to his surroundings and 90s background tell me that he would have to be a point guard who didn’t really score much, and was a pure grit player, high IQ, cerebral type. A humble player, who didn’t really care much for the spotlight and always looked to set his team off, but while on the court was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Jason Kidd
I was this close to entering John Stockton in here but he got no rings and Illmatic equates an NBA Championship, luckily Jason Kidd snagged one last month. Jason was without a doubt the best PG in the NBA for about 5 seasons in the early millennium.

The quiet artist that exists in Nas also exists in Jason. Its been said time and time again that Jason can affect a game without scoring. Well in that sense Nas could affect the game without putting out smash singles. Just as Jason is no longer a star he remains relevant, same goes for Nas, as a veteran of the game he doesn’t grab the attention of the 90s babies but all of us with beards and scratched cd’s will still click that Nas link sliding down our timelines.


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