90’s Swish: Basketball Jersey’s

Seem like they screamin “jersey’s back” nowadays right?

Quick little post about the 5 best team jersey’s from the 90s.

No order, just fire.

Chicago Bulls 90s Pinstripe

I hated the fact that they hardly ever wore these pinstripes. There was supposedly a bad aura surrounding these joints. I think they lost mad games in em or something.

Orlando Magic Royal Blue Pinstripe (90s)

They have a newer version of these but until Dwight stops wearing them like Under Armour brazeer (sp) tops I can’t vouch for em. These were fly though. I never liked the Magic back then but I would dead watch their games just off the strength of these jerseys. I think the Royal Blue Pinstripe > Black.

Phoenix Suns Black Alt.

Ain’t really watch too many West Coast games growing up but the Suns games were cool just off of the strength of these road unis. The orange and purple color scheme is still one of the best in the game today. But couple those colors with the black you see here and you got lift off.

Charlotte Hornets Teal Road

Yup, had to dig these up outta retirement. For the duration of the “Charlotte” Hornets stay in NC they sported these here jerseys. Something about pinstripes just looks dope on basketball jerseys in my mind I guess.

I almost wanna throw the Rockets pinstripe in here but I’ll do better….

My bad I ain’t mean to…

Toronto Raptors Pinstripe Road Jersey

We really didn’t care about a team being in Canada, let alone 2 of em. But when VC came aboard all of a sudden there was a buzz, flashy dunks, wild buckets, and the jersey’s. I could be totally off here as I think these were a hit or miss but I couldn’t pass em up at all.

This basically morphed into a pinstripe post, my bad. Not feelin me? Fine cost you nothin, yall know the rest. Lol

What did we miss? Were these the best of the 90s?



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