"It’s Gotta Be The Shoes"

Basketball sneakers are and have always been a fashion statement, on and off the court. Wear the wrong sneakers and you might not get picked up in a humble 3 on 3 half court game. And in the streets “if ya jeans is ****** up and you got a decent pair of kicks on u might could be able to pull the *****… Just make sure ya cut is good and ya kicks is good u might could get the *****” famous words spoken by the god himself Tony Starks.

Thinking of sneakers and how well they are marketed in this viral advertising/marketing age that we live in today made me reminisce on some of the dopest sneaker commercials that I have ever seen.

First one that came to mind and this is no disrespect to MJ. But the Lil Penny commercials were a hit. Little puppet marketing sneakers for one of the league’s brightest stars at the time. And every sneaker that he came out with was legendary.

Chris Rock as the Lil Penny voice over, Tyra Banks coming to the park in the heat of the summer. You just had to want a pair back then, had to. Plus Penny was still being billed as the next Magic at this time. Made it even more important to cop a pair of Penny’s.

Speaking of Magic. The rivalry that resurrected the sport of basketball itself wasn’t only played within the four lines of the Forum and Boston Garden. Magic and Larry took it good ol French Lick, Indiana too.

The video was genius, at the time Converse and I believe Adidas were king when it came to basketball sneaks. Pairing Magic and Larry in a commercial had to be golden because it was either you loved Magic or you loved Larry and whoever you chose you would support em by buying the respective color. There also was a commercial with Dr. J for all you Philly fans. Converse was running away with the game until…

SN: Do Not wear the “Weapons” to a court near you today, or run the risk of inhaling second hand weed smoke while watching all of the games from the sideline.

OK ok, here you have it… He had so many classic sneaker commercials. Gonna give you 3 of em.

Michael Jordan x Mars Blackmon = Classic. From their classic look, to the man who wore em, to the players who still wear em, to these classic ads is there any question why they are considered the greatest basketball shoes ever?

Not gonna say anything positive about this man. Nobody cares about you dunking on semi pros in Watts, California bro. But the Lebron vs. Kobe commercials were classics. Though they foreshadowed a Lakers/Cavs NBA Finals that never came to fruition, we took em for what they were worth. Pure entertainment.

Lupe cooked this track lol. Nobody wanted to hear the KRS-One version, I’m sure of it.

Now these commercials here man. When streetball was all the way in the light, these commercials were the cream of the crop.

This here was my favorite bball sneaker commercial ever. As I watch it now I don’t see why I would have wanted those sneakers, but the marketing scheme behind this was fire. To the NBA AI was a “bad boy” (pause) so why not couple him with a rap star from the dirt that is Yonkers, let him spit an extended 16 all while shooting the commercial in black and white. Any question why the Answers sold?

“All u need is a pair of these nothin else/ya hesitation and stop-n-pop a be somethin else”

Pure nostalgia. Did we miss any?



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