I’m So Dyckman: TJ Fredette

Since we’ve been posting a lot about different summer leagues, why not include a little rap music. The two do happen to go hand in hand. Right?

That is TJ Fredette my friends. Yup if you were wondering he is without a doubt the older brother of The Jimmer.

He actually had a performance from last season where he got a lot more love from the crowd but I can’t find it on the tube anymore.

Isn’t the Fredette family mormon? I guess everybody gotta eat… Maybe not like this though.

Nope here we have it, this is the one I was just talking about. This one actually fire. He like J Cole in Dyckman, good buzz last summer but they really want him outta the paint right now.

Oddly I don’t think that TJ and Jimmer got stuck upon leaving the park and stepping foot on those unforgiving BX blocks.



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