Summer League Would Have Been Great

The summer is usually the time for some of the up and comers of the NBA to get some exposure and for some a spot on a NBA roster through the NBA Summer Leagues.

It’s always refreshing to see Gerald Green and his cornrows throw down some dunks that won’t get him on a team. Or JR Giddens light up some treys from the parking lot that no scout ever notices.

Whatever each players motive is (get in shape, rookie tryna get his feet wet, roster spot, tired of playing overseas, get back into the league) the summer league was a great venue. And with some of this years crop of rookies especially the smaller players such as Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, Kyrie Irving, Marshon Brooks (imagine the show he would have put on) I really hoped that the players and owners would have settled their issues.

That NBA TV struggle continues without delay too smh, we can’t even escape it at this point. They not even caring its like we just supposed to like the WNBA now. I for one am glad that the NFL is back cuz as much as I love the Yankees baseball highlights are like girls with afros in bikinis.

Back to the topic at hand.

Steph Starter

Anthony Morrow 47



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