Swish Summer Alert: Seattle

NYC, LA, Teaxs, NJ, DMV, Florida, and Seattle.

A hotbed of current and future NBA stars. Seattle has molded this reputation over the past 10 years through the likes of Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry, Nate Robinson, Terence Williams, Marvin Williams, fake Isiah Thomas, and Peyton Siva waiting in the wings @ Louisville.

And after watching this video of Jamal Crawford’s Summer League up in the Emerald City, its safe to say they got another one.

Tony Wroten Jr. (incoming freshman): Obviously born after the year of 1991 due to the presence of a high top fade hovering above his head. Nonetheless this kid definitely has an NBA ready game right now.

I don’t think he’ll stay in college (University of Washington) for more than a year, he just look like a disrespectful college athlete, type dude to burn it down in the lobby of his own dorm.

Judge for yourself though…

Am I the only one who sees how Big Daddy Kane son is abusing John Wall though?



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