Kev Durant & Mike Beasely Rumble In The Bronx

What’s going on Swish family, yours truly Derek Swisher had the pleasure of being under the eye of the 1 train; 204th & Nagle; Dyckman Park last night. For probably the illest game to hit New York City concrete in almost a decade.

….Yea, I know the title reads “Rumble In The Bronx”, and technically Dyckman is still Manhattan. However due to the majority Spanish population combined with the high rate of teen pregnancy, Dyckman still qualifies as part of the BX borough

Anyways, as my bredren(@KingSharif) Smits has informed ya’ll in a past post, Kev Durant & his backpack have been running around the city this week going OFF. He dropped 66 at Rucker, then dropped 41 at ProCity the very next night. And last night KD made a unannounced appearance at NYCs #1 battleground & set Uptown on fire, along with fellow D.M.V native & NBA star Mike Beasely. Needless to say, the environment was epic, people found their way to project rooftops, some climbed into trees, others hung from the park’s fences for hours for a chance to witness history go down. 2 pro superstars going head to head in the back of the projects in front of the rowdiest & most disrespectful crowd in the world.
So straight from the source we’ve got some very raw(pause) footage for ya’ll due to my rookie camera man skills, I’m a week into this iPhone life so pardon me family
KD gets a rude welcoming to the city’s realest venue
Epic back & forth between the 2, Kev won this round though. Excuse the light Gus Johnson impression, the environment was just that real though

Beasely had to clap back…moments before this he asked told a dude in the crowd to light up after the game…smh

Backpack catches a light alley on the break

Wouldn’t be NY if there wasn’t some type of throwing of the hands right? Like I said this is probably the most disrespectful crowd in the world, and apparently one heckler in the crowd got to Mike Bease. But my son promptly when over and mushed the hater in his face(happens in first 3 seconds) this really the most gully shit I’ve seen a player do since Ron Ron & Steve Jackson in Detroit. Bease always been one of our favorites here at Swish but its definitely solidified after this thuggery.

All in all it was a epic event, KD had 30 plus, Beasely had over 20. Kev had the highlights however he & Team Nike came up short to a 3 at the buzzer. My man Beasely ended up the winner of the night for various reasons. Firstly he got the W, and secondly he wins for coming into the projects and duffing a goon in the face mid game, as well as making a deal to cop the piffery off of a fan during a dead ball situation. Astounding. The game victory will last about a night, but the endless hood respect will last a lifetime. Even though it’d probably be in his best interests not to come back around these parts, probably some dominicans with blades in they curly fros ready to cut my son the minute he touches down.
On that note I’m out this bitch, bout to whip up a nice struggle breakfast at 12pm, moms ain’t been food shopping in 2 weeks smh. Eggs with no cheese, toast, and some tap water on the rocks, ya’ll not about that life though. And I salute you for it. Be easy ya’ll.

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