Smh Shammgod really was too NY how you cross homie out the gym, get to the cup, lay it up and touch nothing but backboard?… This next video (a swish favorite) actually gives you the explanation as to why he missed that layup and also a little tutorial on the “Shammgod crossover”

Lmaoooo. This video prolly not even funny to yall but its pure comedy to me.
But this quote sums up why he’s too NY and why that layup stood no chance…
“When you by yourself the best thing to practice is dribbling. You know shooting you gotta keep running back rebounding for yourself” That gotta be the laziest s**t I ever heard of in my life. But some of the drills he shows are good money.

Why Slam let him do this whole exhibition with that Colombian cocaine colored durag on?

If you never been Shamm’d b4 just stop reading these posts. Getting shamm’d is like getting snuffed, u aint really experience life if u never been snuffed or shamm’d. Or maybe you’re just from Massachusetts.



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