The Death of John Wall

Where is DNA from URL ’cause I need to him to get all this sh** TFOH!

Get these tight ass WNBA jerseys TFOH!

Get Julius Hodge TFOH!

Get his weak ass handle TFOH!

Get his ’06 Kobes TFOH!

Get John Wall TFOH!

and however put together this entire event GET EM THE F*** OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!

How is John Wall gonna get outscored by Julius Hodge in a summer league and expect to go back to the Wizards like its his team? He just handed the organization over to my favorite center of the past 3 years, Javale bka Biggavel Mcgee. First NC gives us J Cole, now this?



One comment

  1. anonymousnupe

    So they don't have any chicken, or biscuits, or grits or anything over there in Swizterturkeyly, or wherever Hodge has been playin'? Or weights for the lower body? That boy's (Hodge's) legs still look like they'll snap with his every cut.

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