Did You Know That???

Do you even know who this is?

Hopefully if you’re reading this you would know that that is none other than the great Tony Delk.

4957: That’s the amount of points that Tony scored over the span of his 10 year career. That’s pretty much 500 points per season, in 82 games that’s what a little more than 6 points per game for his career (shout out to those struggle C’s in Statistics). But then you gotta account for the lockout in 98/99 man f*** it he averaged 9 a game for his career, I just tried to get fancy with my math skills (long story as to why I shouldn’t but I won’t share my misery with yall).

Now think about all of the players you know of who scored 50 points in a single game. Scoring 50 is pretty much reserved for the most prolific scorers, volume shooters, big men, etc.

See where I’m headed? Now the actual date on the 53 point outburst by Delk is Jan 2, 2001, in a game versus the Sacramento Kings (he was on the Suns). As I recall, the Kings of the early milennium weren’t defensive minded (with the likes of C Webb, Peja, Jason Williams, Laurence Funderburke) at all. That being said, Tony Delk averaged 11 points per game that season. Just for comparison’s sake that’s like LeBron scoring 8 points in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, very hard to believe, even if its a proven fact.

There’s no video (that I can get my hands on) out there of this miraculous night but there is this delicate highlight tape…

which leads me to believe that Tony Delk couldn’t give me 50 points in 48 minutes.

Note that in the game he didn’t even make a single three pointer. (Idk if you have to click on that link or if you have to copy and paste it, sue me).

Lost in this whole message is the fact that the Suns lost the game. Long story short, yes you may be able to score at a clip like this but if you wear the number 00, your 50 point game will cost your team a victory and also be cast into the ocean of things almost forgotten such as this…


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