Real *Fill in The Blanks* Do Real Things

Iight I gotta take some time outta my #simpsundays and lust filled text messages to deliver some work to the masses.

I mean yall see what we’ve posted up here, if you follow us you’ve seen the stuff we tweet, and if you know us you know this is a topic we have touched numerous times, just never recorded.

The new rules in the NBA have really taken away from the bloodshed that made us who grew up in the 90’s and early millennium who we are today. We would literally go from Rocket Power, to fake doing homework, to basketball, to wrestling, we really were that fire as a generation, can’t say the same for this upcoming one.

But let’s turn back to the bloodshed and the fights that ran rampant across the league when we we still had to be in before the street lights turned on. Remember these…

Imagine how much Jon Barry and Mike Wilbon would have b****d over this if it were the 2011 Playoffs. Shout out to Derek Harper with the clean takedown in this too.

One thing about NBA fights is that the punches rarely ever connect. Where is Charles Oakley from? He was really about that life, I bet he from downsouth or something. Jeff Van Gundy with the ankle grab on Alonzo was all swag too.

This fight changed my life. Stephen Jackson became one of my favorite players and I hated the Pistons from that day on. Sadly it also changed the league, but then again the actual level of play since then has picked up. Still, we need a brawl like this sometime soon. That fight also changed the dynamic of that season because the Pacers at full strength could have probably knocked the Pistons off (check the score on this game)> Makes me wonder if we would have slept thru another Spurs championship if it weren’t for this.

Even the most suspect player of the era was ready to brawl…

This ain’t a 90s fight but its real, and it’s 2 superstars. Think about all the alliances, friendships, daps, and hugs taking place on the court nowadays. That’s why the next generation is so delicate. Fights like this is why the prison rate grew exponentially in the 90’s. Our big brothers and cousins weren’t hugging each other on the court, or biting their nails at the foul line, or hitting the dougie moments before getting washed smh.

I just want the good ol days back. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

All I know is that when I have children (hopefully all boys) they’re getting a classic NBA brawl dvd mix for each birthday until the moment I realize that I have in fact raised a child that white parents will petition against playing in leagues with their kids.



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