Your Summer >>> LeBron’s Summer

Iight I’m a LeBron fan and I’ve found ways to justify everything he’s done up until Game 4 of the Finals and now shit is really getting critical.

Firstly nobody is impressed by the 30 pieces you are dropping against niggas with regular jobs that only fill their gas tank up halfway. You had 8 points in one of the most important games of your receding hairline’s life, point blank. Notice we celebrated Kev’s 66, and we gave your 30 7 and 7 the middle child treatment.

He got on a snapback and a polo that would fit me buttoned up to his neck, there’s why he didn’t win. Niggas in snapbacks don’t win anything, ever. How dare whoever made this video throw on the CLASSIC Big L/Jay-Z freestyle beat for this man???

Smh just saw this last night. All the time Starbury been in China and I’m sure this never took place (Brooklyn standup). But LeBron the animal lover goes there, at his own camp, and then this happens…

LeBron the animal lover. So since there’s a lockout, this is what you do King James, THIS…

Man, Kobe talking bout PLAYING in Turkey, so is Kev, DWade considering playing overseas. We hear nothing from you, secretly hoping you’re in a gym shooting nothing put pullup j’s, runners (still not forgiven for the airball runners in the chip), and baby hooks. But naaaa you just wanna feed pandas bamboo sticks.Kobe gotta be laughing while he’s launching shots from behind the backboard on his bad knees.

I’m also tired of his Watch the Throne tweets. Nigga act like he ain’t get Hov and the Nets outta there last summer. @KingJames: Adam gave up a rib, so mine better be prime.

The only positive thing that I’ve heard about LeBron all summer is that he’s gonna start working with Hakeem Olajuwon (finally). But his footwork is so terrible that idk how much help Olajuwon can lend.

I’m not writing Bron off but I feel like I’m not gonna root for him much from this point forth either.



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