The Last Dragon (Georgetown vs China)

Before we even get into what happened to my favorite college basketball program, I will say that Chinese basketball is really a mixture of basketball and kung-fu. I say this because I once had the privilege of refereeing a Chinese basketball tournament at my old college. Shit got real every single game, I actually had to kick one of the triads out of one game cuz he thought the that Mick Foley clothesline was “part of the game”. They play a jail style of ball forreal, I don’t even think most of yall are built for.

Back to my Hoyas getting washed though…

Smh, not my son Jason Clark. Jessie Sapp would have never gotten washed in this manner. The Chinese team really has their manager A-Town Stomping Jason into the Pacific Ocean man. What is number 22 doing here? (notice the complexion of his skin) He won’t even lift a finger to help the best player on the team during the melee, he instead chooses to be a diplomat.

Chinese ppl really been wilding lately, stealing the rock from Bron and then dunking on him and now this brawl. I don’t even know the story but based on how they played in that little tourny that I reffed I’m gonna believe that they started the brawl, and obviously finished it too.

DMV Lost

How is Georgetown gonna play against Pitt this season after this, no way on earth Pitt loses that game.

Other than Jason Clark I don’t know anyone on the team anymore, but Jeff Green wouldn’t have let this happen, nor would Austin Freeman, or Roy Hibbert, or Patrick Ewing, Jr. What’s going on in D.C. Fans need answers right now!!!

Video quality dumb trash. But if is what it is….



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