Best Basketball City?

If ya’ll didn’t know the swish fam is entirely form the tri-state area(NY NJ PA) which in turn makes us highly biased. If you’ve seen past posts we automatically assume that the best basketball in the country is played in NYC. But is that really the case?? That being said the inspiration behind this joint is a unresolved issue between the swish team, and that is; What city produces the best ballers? So since we couldn’t come to a conclusion we need some of our fellow hoop heads out there to help us out. We complied 8 teams representing each major city, made up of ONLY current NBA players. Let the debate begin:

Players made certain teams based off where they were born/raised/played hs ball.

Team NYC
Seed: 4
PG Kemba Walker
2G-Ben Gordon
Wing-Carmelo Anthony
Wing-Ron Artest
Forward- Lamar Odom
6th Man-Charlie Villanueva
Analysis: Truth be told putting Melo on Team NY was a gift. He was born in BK “technically”, but raised in BMore. Melo is really like me, we both try to claim the city to the death, but at the end of the day real New Yorkers is like nah get the f*** outta here with that bulls*** b. But yea, anyways, weak to average backcourt. Rookie but very talented PG. BG been washed since 09. Strong front court but a little week inside cause LO has to play the 5…

Team Jersey(Yea I know Jersey isn’t considered a major city or nothing like that but my state gotta get shine in my own post)
Seed: 5
PG- Kyrie Irving
Wing- JR Smith
Wing-Al Harrington
Forward-Joakim Noah
Center- Andrew Bynum
6th Man- Randy Foye
Analysis: Yeeaaaaaaa(rucker park amp) ya’ll slept on us right!? Jersey got way more to offer than just slutty orange skinned white pros & polluted air. All biases aside, we got a decent backcourt; a good one if Kyrie lives up to his potential. We got the most hype big man since Dennis Rodman in Joakim, as well as the 2nd best center in the league in Bynum. On the humble NY is really shook of that 1st rd matchup

Team DMV
Seed 2:
PG-Ty Lawson
Wing-Kevin Durant
Wing-Rudy Gay
Wing-Mike Beasely
Center-Roy Hibbert
6th Man-Jeff Green
Analysis: If you ask the swish team where is the breeding ground for beautiful, long hair, thick hunnies in heels we’ll probably be quick to tell you the DMV. Turns out they really go hard out there on the court too though. They probably have the most offensively talented team out of all the cities, definitely the most athletic & versatile. KD, Rudy, Bease, & Jeff Green off the pine all play 3 positions. Ty is a upcoming PG, same goes for Roy at the 5, tough squad right here.

Team Chicago
Seed: 3
PG- Derrick Rose
2G- Dwayne Wade
Wing- Andre Iguodala
Wing- Shawn Marion
Forward-Juwan Howard
6th Man- Tony Allen
Analysis: Deadass I didn’t even know Chi Town was this real on the court till I started writing this. This is the first city with 2 legit superstars on one team….(but we’ve seen how that worked out in Miami) Hands down best backcourt of any of these squads, but as you can see the line up gets less impressive as you go along. Iggy & Matrix are good money but small at the Fwd spots….Unfortunately OG Juwan Howard is the only current big man out of the Windy City. He is going to get surverely violated by every other 5 man on this list easy…Even Spencer Hawes might give Juwan a light 20 piece smh….“Mouse in the House!”

Team Philly
Seed 6:
PG-Jameer Nelson
Wing- Tyreke Evans
Wing- Kobe Bryant
Forward-Hakim Warrick
Center-Dejuan Blair
6th Man-Johnny Salmons
Analysis-Initially I wasn’t even about to show Philly any love on this for the sake of throwing my home state on instead. But then I sat down and realized how much talent illadelph has produced over the years. Reke & Jameer are from Chester but they can still rock. Kobe really from Italy but he tried to rap at one point which automatically makes him from Philly. Team Philly has star power but might have the trashest front court out of this tourney. As a biased & irrational Kob fan though I’m saying they gotta get past the first round minimum.

Team LA
Seed: 1
Guard-Brandon Jennings
Guard-Russel Westbrook
Wing-Demar Derozan
Forward-Kevin Love
Center-Brook Lopez
6th Man-Jrue Holiday
Analysis: This is really the youngest and most well rounded team of any city. Nobody has to play out of position. Athletic on the perimeter and skilled big men. Jrue Holiday would really start on almost all these other teams and he’s coming off the pine smh. In my eyes LA could easily make a run at the crown but I’ll leave that up to ya’ll to decide.

Team Seattle
Seed: 8
Guard-Brandon Roy
Guard-Jason Terry
Guard-Jamal Crawford
Forward-Marvin Williams
Center-Spencer Hawes
6th Man-Brian Scalabrini
Analysis-Prior to B Roy’s injury issues Seattle would’ve really been a live squad. But taking those injury issues into consideration it really makes me wanna take this entire team off the list, but whatever though. Due to the lack of star power & largely caucasian front court I’m saying Seattle is taking the swift L.

Team ATL
Seed: 7
PG-Tony Douglas
Guard-Lou Williams
Wing-Josh Smith
Forward-JJ Hickson
Center-Dwight Howard
6th Man-Derrick Favors
Analysis: Atlanta really one of the cities I hate the most in this world despite never actually visiting there. ATL helped produce the worst era in hip hop history, ya’ll got horrible fashion trends, mad homos, as well as large mosquitos. All the makings of a place that I don’t need to be at in the first place. Regardless of my personal feelings, ATL has produced some aight ballers the past few years. No stand outs on the squad except Dwight, Josh Smith is really a All Star(should’ve been) though. However the last season should be proof that no matter how trash the squad is, any team with Dwight on the roster has a solid chance at winning.
Aight based on seeding we’re trying to play this out elite eight style(1 vs 8, 2 vs 7….ect.)
RD 1: (1)LA vs (8)SEATTLE (2)DMV vs (7)ATL (3)CHI vs (6)PHILLY (4)NY vs (5)NJ
My Prediction: LA smacks Seattle. DMV close win over ATL. Philly & Kobe take the double OT L to Chicago. And in the only upset of the 1st round JERSEY gets the victory over a overconfident Team NY. But thats just me though, what ya’ll think out there?
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