"Dont be mad UPS is hiring"

Delonte ‘Cant Get Right’ West is in the news headlines again. This guy has really established himself as the crackhead cousin of the NBA.

HOME DEPOT?! It was stated that he has accumulated over $14 million over the course of his career and this is what you come up with? Playing overseas should have been your first option. I think he forgot to take his meds that day. First you knock off Bron Bron old earth *his hairline and his jumper aint been right since* then you get caught with TI guns in Maryland and now this? Firstly I’m not trying to go get garden supplies and see red mouth standing there asking me if I need help. Lastly, WHERE IS HIS OLDHEAD?! WHERE DID HIS WAY OF THINKING COME FROM?!

Delonte should’ve got that swim cap kufi-smacked off a long time ago. He went to St. Joes with Jameer so lets place the blame on him. Get this man some professional help please.



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