Iman Shumpert: Madison AIR Garden

I just snatched that title smooth away from Mike. SWISH

Being a Knicks fan is as depressing as it gets. Being a Knicks fan = Monday morning, you know its pure struggle but you just look for the few positive things that come along with it. Last year was a little better but just when we thought we were iight, Paul Pierce went and got that broom at once which forced many of us to question whether or not the whole Stat and Melo 1-2 punch was actually a blessing.

But things could start to look up for us. An offseason of Amare, Melo, and Chauncey working together can only yield positives, hopefully Landry gets back to what he was pre-Melo, and enter what may have been the steal of the 2011 NBA Draft, Iman Shumpert.

Can’t lie I haven’t watched ACC basketball since McCants n them so I really ain’t know too much about son game. BUT when I saw these two clips I was sold. Now I know that’s typical of a Knick fan, its cuz we so eager for results. But can you blame us, look at what we’ve come from over the past 7 years, specifically Eddy Curry. But you know what that’s a whole nother story for a different day, just enjoy the highflying.

I believe this one was fairly recent, maybe a day or two ago. This isn’t necessarily him working on his game in the form of pullup J’s and ball handling drills, but it is impressive nonetheless. Maybe I’m just od’ing cuz I’m a Knicks fan.

Yea this guy really tryna get Chauncey up outta town real soon, I respect Mr. Big Shot but if the rest of his game comes together like his athleticism already is, its a wrap. I can already tell he’s gonna be a household name here in the City of Dreams.

Things could get real at the Garden this upcoming season with him and Melo on the break (given he gets enough tick).

I have NEVER been hype over a Knicks draftee, EVER. But Iman (who we gotta come up with a suitable nickname for) definitely has me ready to go out and cop that Champion replica for my little brother.



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