A Dream Deferred (KG + Marbury Split)

Think back some 12-15 years, for most of us we were just beginning to hone our basketball skills in driveways, parks, and the fake Boston Garden floors of our churches across the country. Think about all of the vets in the league (and not in the league today). Think about how nice or average they were back then.

NOW flashback to this…


No way you were from Brooklyn and didn’t have ya moms tight when you came home with that part down the center of ya skull, you had to do it. Steph was an inspiration for us in Brooklyn. And we know a thing or two about robbery, so don’t think we forgot about that ’97 Rookie of the Year SMH.

They really were trapped in Minnesota though, I don’t see how life could have been prosperous in the mountains and back woods of Minneapolis. While both players remained All-Star caliber players, respectfully top 5 or 10 at their positions for years to come, Kevin gained more notoriety after the split, while the league was just “wheeling and dealing!!!” brother Marbury over the next 10 years.

In fact a lot of things went wrong for Brooklyn since they split in ’99. We started looking to the Zab Judah’s and Shyne “Mutha******” Po’s of the world for answers. They did provide temporary resolutions to our problems, but at the end of the day…

Images like these really make me think about my life, my family and some of my good friends and what we are really destined to be. These photos are real and almost make me wish I was born and raised in a Harlem project across the street from a brownstone, so I would have at least seen the light growing up.

This just makes me wanna strive for the best. Makes me miss the University of Delaware at the same time. We must salute KG for what he has become since the ’99 split.



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