Now Trending (Vol. 1)

Gonna try something new here. Going into discussion about trends on the court that were both positive and negative (or at least what we deem negative).

High Socks
Idk where or when this trend originated, I just know that in all those old school Instagram lookin family photo albums my parents, and aunts and uncles all had socks up to their thighs. When it came into existence in the NBA is not really the concern here, we are more interested in whether or not we gotta get em the fuck outta here. I know a lot of ppl that come on the court with the high sock nowadays but that’s more or less to stash their money, car keys, poodai, and I assume if you are from certain parts of (New York and Puerto Rico) razorblades.

Have high socks run their course in the NBA? Shouldn’t we leave em to the ARod’s and Cochise’s of the past? Do you wanna look like Jason Terry on the court?

I think you guys see what my answer is, therefore this study is skewed but just chill read it and laugh, that’s all we challenge you to do with every post.

Just imagine a Philly dude with his cargo capris and these on in the streets. Smh ya sock not supposed to come into contact with ya knee fam, ever.

Shit really got critical when Scottie was on the Blazers and he wore the headband and highsock combination, I was almost ready to give my life to the Illuminati.

The high sock trend went from super wavy niggas like Julius Erving

And Nick the Quick

To this…

And then this burga

Notice, only one sock is extended up the calf smh. This is why I don’t trust much that comes from the state of New Jersey.

Again I ask. Do you want to portray the image that of Kerry Kittles aka Bugaloo on the court? Or do you wanna cop a pair of socks that stop half calf, or just above the ankle?

Think about current NBA star/Blood member Paul Pierce

Quick compare and contrast (I know those aren’t high socks but he in fact created a high sock aura with those leg pads).
Notice that he is wearing a standard pair of basketball socks in example A, and also notice how he proudly hoists the NBA Finals MVP trophy. Example B, shows him stumbling and losing the ball during the 2010 NBA Finals, which he lost in 7 games. Now I’m not blaming the Finals loss on The Truth but I am blaming it on his “high sock aura”. If you once achieved anything great in the sport of basketball in low socks don’t “make that switch” to calf leggings my guy you’re not Power 105.1.

Just chill out, let your legs breathe a little.

Leave the high sock trend in the MLB.

Only time a high sock is probably recommended is when you’re… Know what we ain’t the ppl to consult with on that, but you know where I was headed.



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