Its Really Been 10 Years

R.I.P. Aaliyah. I remember being down in the wheat fields of South Carolina when we got the news of Aaliyah’s death.

Before we even get started, something that we should NEVER FORGET.

But let’s flashback some 10 NBA seasons ago. I’m always flashing back on this blog smh.

I forgot at this point and time Mike Finley was arguably the best player on the Mavs (with Nash and Nowitzki).
Derek Anderson was catching bangers like this?

2000-2001 Awards
NBA Champs: LA Lakers
Finals MVP: Shaq
Season MVP: AI
D.POY: Dikembe Mutombo
6th Man: Aaron McKie
ROY: Mike Miller

Important Swish Notes:
2nd in FG%: Bonzi Wells (53.3%)
Also note that this is the year that Jerry Stackhouse averaged 29 on the Pistons.
Also remember that Sheed had 41 technical fouls that season, which is probably as safe as Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak record in baseball.

But what else happened in other avenues of entertainment and such in 2001?

If you don’t remember this. 1. I probably won’t believe anything you have to say to me about anything and 2. gone head and hit that “X” cuz we don’t like your kind round here boy.



Mad dope albums in 2001 on top of BP1 and Stillmatic… Ghetto Fabolous, Bulletproof Wallets (Ghostface), Word of Mouf, Kiss tha Game Goodbye (Jada).

Real Yankee fans shed a tear…

Black Classic

And of course, the most humbling moment of some of our lives. 9/11


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