SUFLAN : An Ode To Monica Wright

Su-fl-an: pronounced (soooo-flan) – term originated by the god Pretty Tone. Meaning “sucker for love ass n****”

This right here is a ode to the only ball playing female I’ve ever loved; the incomparable Monica Wright…yea yea ya’ll know her as Sanaa Lathan, but its whateva cause ya’ll don’t know my wifey like I do.

After this thirst filled hurricane-less weekend stuck in the crib, and after watching Beyonce with the baby bump at the VMAs, it made me reflect and think about which females I wanna bless with my seed before I leave this earth. Couldn’t think of a more perfect fit than Monica from Love & Basketball. Firstly she’s from LA, so she’s gotta be a Laker fan. I’ve had a terrible run in with a LA chick before but I’m willing to let that stereotype slide for her. Anyways, between watching Laker games together she could mix in some strip basketball with great intercourse afterwards. Eventually she gotta learn how to cook I’d assume. So I don’t know about ya’ll but that’s all I really need in life to be happy. Let us appreciate this queen:
That white prom dress was kinda real

Lets do some box out drills baby

Yea my face is free all night love

…….Yup my face is still free

Still Swag

Off the strength that the only ball playing chick I love is a fictional character that should show you how I feel about them. I got this theory about what all those suicides & 17s due to the odor of the box…but thats neither here nor there. Plus its a handful of ball chicks that really get love & our stamp of approval here at Swish, ya’ll know who ya’ll are, like my son Smits would say “#heyboo”
By the way family, all chicks is thinking pregnancy is a go right now because of Bey so be careful fellas & wrap multiple times depending on how real it is. One Luv

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