Letter to Carmelo Anthony

My son god body #7,

I watched ya girl on TV last night with her little show and allat, its whatever I ain’t a female so I don’t know how to watch the show all I know is that she looked good and Kelly Rowland looked like she need a nice young 22 year old simp star by her side. But I’m getting sidetracked. The reason I’m really writing this is because you need to play defense fam. This post is real near and dear to my heart, as it should be for all Knicks fans, most of yall can just keep it mashing if you don’t care.

We all knew from that run that you orchestrated up in Syracuse that offensively, you have no equal. The elbow game, post game, pull up jumper game, and slashing to the cup that you display are immaculate. And we in New York pray that it continues. But yo…

Marcus Morris ain’t even play a second of NBA basketball, and even he knows that he don’t wanna be like you defensively.

Its getting critical for you “Mel”. Younger players are now better than you, Kevin Durant in particular. It took me some time to come to that realization, but the only reason that he is better than you is because he wants to play on the other end of the court. You aint got but 5-6 more years in your prime, but so does LeBron, and Kev and D. Rose have even more. I just wanna have a championship parade down Broadway, that’s it. I want my little brother to grow up being a Knicks fan, just the little things (pause). Young kids really growing up in NYC living by Big L line “I’m from New York and never was a fan of the Knicks” smh. You are responsible for the next generation.

It all starts on the defensive end though my dude, lead by example and the rest of the team will follow suit. Now I know Melo ain’t never gonna read this, so this is really a “Letter to Knicks Fans” and that we can’t just let this non-defensive Knickerbockers trend continue. I mean idk what WE can do about it other than complain but I just had to get this off my chest.

A Swish God



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