Kevin Durant scores 59 POINTS on Lebron James @ Goodman vs Melo Showcase

The lockout is terrible for us hoops fans, but at the same time it’s allowing us to witness epic duels that we would never ever see if it happened on a NBA court. Goodman League(DC) Allstars played a battle for the ages against Carmelo Anthony & his Melo League Allstars, who were the likes of King James, CP3, & Melo himself just to name a few. KD was the lone all star on his team, but continued to murder any & all competition this summer despite being over matched by 3 superstars.

KD & Lebron ended up going head to head which in fact might have been a battle between the best 2 players on the planet going back and forth. Lebron had 32 and won the game, but Backpack had 59! 59 muf**** points fam, most of which were on the King himself. KD definitely won the battle & Lebron’s integrity as a man really should be hurt.
So therefore I’ll leave ya’ll with this….after all we’ve seen and shown ya’ll this summer….is Kevin Durant now the #1 player on the planet?

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