Just Thinking…

So September is here, the summer is over, and still no Rondo-KG eye contact between the Players Union and Owners. That being said, we will still continue to bring you heat and random stuff that we think up.

Its getting colder so we might have to pick up the pace on the blog since everyone will be indoors more often and more apt to have the MacBook on their lap 24/7.

Fantasy Football season is upon us folks, shit is gonna get really authentic come next Thursday. I won a league last year so the crown still resides with me in these upstate forests.

Bron really a cool dude for staying with his ride or die chick.

These are literally random thoughts feeding thru my brain right now.

Saw this video yesterday of Kob, dope tribute to the best player of the new millennium…

Who Gon Stop Me from Ivan on Vimeo.


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