Rap Game Like: Vol. 3 (DMX)

DMX without a doubt is some ppl’s favorite rapper of all-time. GRRRRRRR, X was arguably the best rapper between his debut in 98 and his 3rd solo album in 99. Millions of records were sold, and thousands of pitbulls were purchased without a second thought in the late millennium.

DMX really put Y.Ohhh on the map. Ruff Ryders were as relevant as any other rap label during the time and he had Eve blow up into the hottest female rapper for a couple of years.

But things soon unraveled for Uncle Earl, declining album sales (though he remained lyrically gifted), terrible movie roles, and the reintroduction of drugs into his life. These all have lead to the always in jail, always ignored tracks DMX that we have come to know today. His life is truly speeding out of control with no apparent stop sign in the future. He needs your prayers.

It’s quiet for Uncle Earl

The level of craziness that has reached X’s voice is mind boggling.

So, you ask yourself what talented NBA player can we possibly compare to Uncle Earl. Well for one he had to have been good, bald headed with tats, put a city on the map (or back on the map), a couple of dope albums/All-Star games, but most importantly he would have had to turned into a bugged out lunatic.

It has to be….

It’s really crazy though.

Yup, there you have it Mr. Starbury himself. Former elite NBA point guard, perennial all star, 20 and 8 were all staples of this forgotten Brooklyn hero.

What’s crazy is how he doesn’t understand that Twitter is 140 characters.

This is almost besides the point, but how bugged of a human being do you have to be to write 140 characters 4 times over in your twitter application smh. I follow him on Twitter but for some reason I can’t hit that unfollow button, some of the funniest/weirdest stuff I see on my timeline on the daily comes from Steph.

But naaaa let’s think about the accuracy of this comparison. Bald headed with tats (check), to the untrained eye it would seem that they actually have the same exact tats. Definitely put Brooklyn back on the NBA map when he arrived in Minnesota. Couple of all star games under his belt (Favorite all star game was in 01 when him and AI took over in the 4th). And as I have previously presented, the lunatic that exists within DMX’s soul also seems to be present in Stephon’s.


His WTT slander tho >>>>>

All in all Uncle Earl and Stephon really need prayers man. I don’t think Steph uses drugs as well but his behavior definitely points to something other than his brain being in control.



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