"Dear Summer"

This summer was filled with NBA players traveling from NYC to the DMV to LA to get summer runs in. We learned a few things …

1. Backpack may average 33 ppg if the season comes back
2. Mohawk Jennings will lace the kicks up and go at whoever wherever
3. Beasley is crowned the new toughest thug of the NBA *sorry Captain Jack*


4. Bron Bron might have finally retired the receding headband

I can honestly say this was the most entertaining summer basketball since the Terror Squad Rucker Park days. I’m pretty sure Kevin Durrant averaged 51 ppg this summer. Kobe is still the most clutch player in the league as he hit the buzzer beater on Beard Harden. We definitely respect Josh Selby for disrespecting a lot this summer, we would like to have saw more of Kyrie Irving Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker. But here’s just some quick wrap-up clips of the summer.

Josh Selby and Mohawk had some unfinished business *no Eddy Curry*

Packin the mac in the back of the backpack



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