Just Live and Keep Something Under The Arm Vol. 1

Athletes, women, and alcohol. They all go hand in hand, it may be the only reason that we even care about what they do off of the court. Well here’s Vol. 1 of athletes living the fast life, spilling drinks on women and not passing out before they unwrap the gift.

Start off with 2 time NBA Champ Pau Gasol

You are a professional basketball player Pau. There’s two unacceptable things about this picture one being the Australia/Oriental tank top. Two being the chick under the wing, she’s no bueno even for ordinary swishas. The one thing we do respect about this photo is the fact that Pau look like he took a couple shots of something which means in essence he’s a couple more pics and hair strokes away from stumbling out of the club and back to his condo with hun.

Can’t even lie, in my drunken college days I DEF would have pulled something just like this and held absolutely zero qualms about it in the AM. She really would resemble Nala after like 7/8 shots and 3 bar drinks. What we don’t endorse is the martini glass, with what seems to be a tender drink in it. There’s no chance that Dev is intoxicated off of that therefore I question his motives, because without my “goggles” on she is mediocre (like a 5 max) at best.

Now this here idk about. Just an assumption but I don’t think Steph Curry drinks so I don’t see where he was going with this unless he was headed down a 3-way street. These two chicks would have gotten drinks spilled on them without a sorry or a drunk, fake white pickup line smh.

These here get the full swish endorsement though. When I think about going to a beach THIS is what I think of. Just look at her, I’m fake off white girls but let me meet something as exotic and hypnotic as her right there and its curtains. I’m back to my non cargo shorts, boat shoe, struggle fro and zero facial hair days. I don’t even like Joakim Noah but this is all swag everything and he is suddenly a cool dude in my opinion.

WOW. Of all players to pull off a stunt like this. Reggie really made the young Asian Persuasion say aah. All real swishas gotta Asian fetish too, mine is off the strength that I know they got good money feet (whole nother story tho god). But again, a player that I never liked getting it in in ways that I can only dream of.

Yup, Josh might could just take the cake for Vol. 1. Fitted dumb low, button down already off, blue cup in hand and he’s flipping the bird all while having a content, naive bunny on his side. Just look at how she touches his hand, it’s like she knows she’s wrong for being with him but so what. After Joakim’s girl she is the best looking one that we have on display today. But for some reason I give Josh the crown. Maybe its because I’ve never seen a black guy of Josh’s caliber pull a bunny that delicate.
*daps Josh Howard… looks at the chick to see if she would let me rock when he’s not around… walks off*

We actually had no black females in this initial volume, but understand that you lovely Nubians will be showcased in all of your glory in future episodes.

Also shout out to everyone hopping back in their daily school grind, study hard, and party like Reggie.



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