NBA 2K12 Official Trailer and Official Rules

October 4th till about New Years Eve you can be assured of a number of things.
1. Text messages will not be returned.
2. Phones will not answered.
3. At least one sick day will be used because you stayed up too late completing My Player tasks.
4. I may not even win my fantasy football pools this year.
5. If you can (ladies) learn to play 2K12 so you won’t feel left out in the cold reading novels as we break controllers because we still can’t shoot free throws. But buy it for your man or boo or whatever, the favor will be returned in January or something when that weather gets too cold and the warmth of…. Well you know TRUMPS EVERYTHING.
6. “I hate 2K” tweets will be at a premium from females, males will be largely absent from most timelines.
7. Nobody even wanna see me with those ’94 Knickerbockers.
8. GPA’s will fall (TRUST EVERYONE OF US AT SWISH), so work as hard as you can right this minute to balance it out.
9. We are gonna hate the lockout even more because we won’t get our roster updates.
10. If you play on any other setting besides Hall of Fame rest assured that your girl will leave you for a more competent 2K player.
11. Don’t even add me on ya PS3 if you don’t cop it at 12:01am 10/4/11. I already know you not in my league if you cop it any other day.

There’s a couple other stipulations tied into 2K12 but we covered base on the major ones.

Just cut down on your liquor intake this month so there’s no struggle involved on Oct. 4.



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