2 Much Black and 2 Much Love Equal 4ever

This is bout to be the softest post we ever make. I Swish Smits will own up to it. But this post is necessary. Too many Basketball Wife wannabe’s out here, running mouths and fighting over petty things. Note to all females, if we see you in a fight before we even get to wifing you your prospects of becoming wifey are at a disadvantage. Chicks out here fighting like they drank a 5th of Henny smfh. What ever happened to the regular chicks? I think deep down inside a large percentage say 75% of you females wanna be a basketball wife as in drink all day, forget about their kids, not work, check to see if the next chick has a weave, and do all the other bird activities that the show entails.

As obvious as it should be, most of the joints on the show aren’t and never were married to the players they are tied to through the show. And at the end of the day Shaq has Hoopz, Matt Barnes still is light skin in the NBA, and Eric Williams is tossing drinks in faces, so how can you really win?

Nah really who are these “Basketball Wives” and where have they come from? It’s crazy that box slinging has such an outlet now. Wilt Chamberlain would have never allowed this. Now in the last episode of “Just Live and Keep Something Under the Arm” we didn’t even touch on the Nubians or any Latinas. I figured why continue to shed the same negative light that VH1 does on yall, why not show some positives, like the women who ARE married to current NBA stars.

Consensus says that LaLa Vazquez is safe

Also Gloria James son, wifey is a good look. We know LeBron hasn’t put a ring on it (he really must have something against rings smh). But they seem to love each other in a married sort of way. Bron is still relatively young and I mean if I was in Miami idk if I would be married either. LeBron’s fadeaway, high arching hairline signals to me that he will be settling down really soon.

I see exactly what you’re doing Lebron, I see why you just can’t leave it alone.
This is a two birds with one stone pic. Kobe’s wife is Kim Kardashian minus the sex tape, that makes her super dope in my humble opinion. She stuck it out with Bean after his whole legal troubles in Denver some years ago as well, don’t know if she’s in love or just a gold digger, either way kudos to you, I think it’s Vanessa Bryant. She’s not black, idk what she is to be honest but she IS married to the best player of the last decade so we appreciate her.

I dedicate that India Arie song to you Gabrielle “Brown Skin” Union. Who knows if they’re gonna get married but she’s always by his side and that’s all that really matters.

Yes those are mid top AF1’s on his feet, if you’re an ordinary swisha as am I, NO you shouldn’t buy them. But forget all of that, Steph Curry is married. See this ladies? I didn’t even know he was married. This how it should be, nice humble and quiet. You don’t need a reality show, you don’t need a clothing line, you don’t need to leave your children with your moms every afternoon. This has to be real love, look at how they’re dressed. We are talking about a millionaire courtship outside looking like they just rolled out of bed. We respect this.

College Schweetheart Swag

If you ever wondered how and why Dirk won his first ring…

Just a little more Black Love.

The JET (Jason Eugene Terry) and his wife.

Black Love is dope.

Just wanted to show that there are some REAL Basketball Wives out there and that even if Will and Jada break up or if Hov only sees his son on the weekends there is still hope, there is still a reason to love. Swag me out for this post ladies.

“Two much black and two much love equal fourever”
-Swish Smits lmao. If you don’t know who really said this don’t talk to me.



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