The Good, The Swag, & The Ugly

In this first edition of “The Good, The Swag, & The Ugly” we just want to address some current events that are extremely relevant to the culture. NONE more important than the news that just came out this morning having to do with the god Glen Rice & Presidential hopeful Ms. Lisa Ann bka Sarah Palin

THE GOOD:  Team Melo vs Philly All-Stars

Yet another lockout showcase of All Stars is about to go down September 25th in Philly, apparently its supposed to be Melo, Lebron, CP & KD & friends vs Philly natives Hakim Warrick(zzzZZzz), Kyle Lowery(ZZzzz) & hopefully the god Tyreke Evans. This is a cool event, but its not swag for a few reasons. Firstly they don’t televise these shits, secondly these the most lopsided teams imaginable, and lastly it seems like players are becoming content with just playing in these games once a month, not really giving a f*** bout a season. (which will be addressed in a later post)

THE SWAG: Glen Rice Planking on Sarah Palin back in the 80s

Man swag Glen Anthony Rice Sr. the F*** out. He fulfilled every young man’s dream in America swimming in & on Sarah Palin, then promptly tossing her to the curb, never speaking about the encounter again. We gotta commend Glen on his foresight, he knew she was going to run for President of the United States even back then, he knew. You can see all the lust & curiosity for black men in her eyes as she reports on Glen’s 1987 Michigan Wolverines. Smh all we can salute you god. Barack don’t even gotta get re-elected anymore b, we already won.

THE UGLY: Josh Selby “I’m Just Curious I’m Not Gay Bruh”

Yup its over for you before it even started son. And to think that we gave you wild respect here on this very blog….we are embarrassed. B Jennings is embarrassed too for letting you give him 30, meanwhile after the games you playing pin the tail on the donkey in dark rooms full of grown men. As a male there’s no such thing as curiosity about other men n****, thats called homosexuality. And no I’m not tryna gay bash, we just don’t condone that type of shit round these parts fa****.

Ya’ll be cool out there though, Glen set the precedent for today and the rest of the week, lets follow suit…one luv



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