The Rap Game Like…. Vol. 4 I Think (Ghostface)

If you know me you know on the humble Tony Starks aka Ghostface Killah is my favorite rapper EVER. One of the most flamboyant, eccentric, innovative, and witty wordsmiths to ever rock a stage. You talking about arguably the best storyteller on wax here. Possibly my favorite ToneStarks track ever…

Thing with Ghost is that even a dedicated listener and avid fan such as myself can’t decipher these bars. I know he experienced with an assortment of drugs in his heyday so he may have in fact thought that these made sense or he really could have just flipped it on some I do what I want type of s***. That might be why there is no true connection from bar to bar, but that’s why I like it. Ghost just defined rap how he wanted to and said f*** a blueprint (no shade). “Be original”. Plus Ghost robbed Mason Betha, idk what that has to do with anything but at least he ain’t faking in his raps.

Without a doubt one of the greats from that mid 90s era whether ppl want to give him that respect or not. And along with Hov he has continued to make music for years, whether or not ppl go out and support is another issue lol.

So of course the question arises who do we compare Brotha Starks to? Who had a flashy, flamboyant, hard to categorize type of game, longevity in the league and played on a team where he may or may not have been the best player.

Actually gonna go into throwback Smits role here as I usually do…

I was really gonna go with Nique but then I thought about the fact that Nique ain’t got no rings and Ghost got that Wonder Woman bracelet so I had to get him up outta there. But there you have it, the Doc, fellow New Yorker as well.

By many accounts Doc is top 20 NBA players of all-time, as I believe most hip hop heads would give Ghostface. Clearly one of the top 5 players from that mid 70s to mid 80s era. His dunks transcended his actual game. How many ballers can you think of with a flashier game than Julius? How many rappers can you think of with a flashier aura and raps than Starks? Think about Dr. J and what else can we remember him doing other than dunking the pill. Idk if I’ve ever seen a highlight of the Doc hitting a jumper or shifting someone with the handle. You may ask yourself, exactly what did Dr. J do besides yock? I will ask exactly what is Ghostface rapping about on “Nutmeg”? For each of these questions posed, if you come up with an answer holla at me so I can delete you from whatever social network we are friends on for making shit up.

Doc was arguably the greatest dunker of all time, just a minor part of the game but still significant. Ghost as I mentioned earlier is one of the greatest storytellers to grace a microphone “Impossible”. (Notice the shameless plugs to get you to listen to Ghostface music, any negative comments you can keep to yourself though especially if you let that Big Sean album grace your ears this summer). The Doc also played mad years (longevity), first dunking on mad black people in the ABA, then he took his talents to the biracial league and got his ring on the super talented ’83 Sixers (Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks, Daryl Dawkins Chains), excellent team just as Ghost hails from the greatest rap group ever (Don’t even try to debate me). But anyways folks that wraps up another Rap Game Like episode. It ain’t the god hour but I do need that god degree right now.

Just for laughs peep this…

“I don’t want nobody sounding like nobody from my clan, keep it real be original”



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